System Requirements

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June 3, 2005

System Requirements


To access all the facilities of tuned-in you will need:

* Pentium class Multimedia PC with Windows 95 or later.
* Internet access
* Soundcard
* Speakers
* Various plug ins (available free on this site)
* ESP music Compose World Junior software for some applications.

The soundcard is essential to the quality of musical playback and recording on your computer. Consult your ICT support service for advice on purchasing and fitting sound cards. See also the BECTa Choosing and Using Guide 2

A good set of speakers make an enormous difference to the quality of the sound Speakers supplied as part of a computer package tend to be poor (although this is not always the case). Consider speakers with an additional bass subwoofer. These are favoured by computer gamers.

Soundfiles and Compose World Junior
Tuned-in uses midi, mp3 and wav soundfiles.
Please ensure that you have set up Windows Media Playerâ„¢ for these formats.

Compose World Junior files are also used on certain units. To play these you must have CWJ installed on your PC. This is available from Tuned-in. Please email and quote reference KH2000. Andy Pierson has written an informative article introducing this software in our Articles section.

Compose World Junior

Please note that tuned-in is not optimised for use on Apple Macs.
Please note that tuned-in is not optimised for use via Netscape