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Musical Stones - SoundWave

For thousands of years, people have known that some rocks make a clear, ringing sound when they are struck. Examples of 'musical' rocks can be found in Ringing Rocks Park in Pennsylvania, and the Bell Rock range in Australia.

But making musical instruments out of stone is not easy. Likely pieces of stone have to be tested to be sure the sounds they make will be just right. Then these have to be very carefully shaped and chipped away at, until each produces exactly the right note.

Musical stones are found in different parts of the world, including China, Korea and Vietnam. .

Over two hundred years ago, six remarkable musical stones were discovered near Keswick. Over the next two centuries, other sets of musical stones have been made and played by Cumbrians.

Music made from stones is said to sound like birdsong and streams, harmonising perfectly with the local landscape. Performers and composers continue to explore these remarkable instruments to create a music that truly reflects the hills and valleys of the Lake District.


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